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Katy Perry has been known for offending cultures from all over the world, and it has been a wide topic discussed on the Internet.

During the recent American Music Awards, Perry had turned her entire performance of “Unconditionally” into a Japanese themed spectacle, which had some people fired up because she was using culture as a prop to make her show look nice.

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Katy Perry at the recent American Music Awards. 

But now it seems, with her new video for the song “Dark Horse”, Perry either did not understand how offensive using culture as a prop was, or she just doesn’t care. Her new video, when it was first released, queued expected groans from the public because she was using ancient Egyptian culture as a theme for her video.

To make matters worse, the video also sparked an outrage when people noticed the Islamic symbol of the word “Allah” on a necklace worn in “Dark Horse”, seen below.


But after a petition for its removal from the video, the necklace was edited out.

Viewers were angry about the necklace in the already culturally offensive video, particularly because it was destroyed, along with the guy wearing it.

The “Dark Horse” video has thus far gained more than 63 million views on YouTube.