For International Women’s Day just a couple of days ago, the female empowerment platform WOMEN:girls uploaded a few great shorts by the women directors of Ikal Mayang.

Ikal Mayang in an initiative by their platform to raise women’s voices all over the world, and are women’s stories told by Malaysian personalities, actresses, beauty queens, models, silver screen starlets and veterans.

While a lot of their work has been compiled into a film, which received a lot of praise at the Busan Film Festival, “Unspoken Truth” shorts for this year’s Women’s Day can be found on Youtube, including shorts by Junad M. Nor and Deborah Henry.

You can watch the shorts below.

“You’re a Young Woman Now” by Sharyn Lisa Shufiyan (Tungku Abdul Rahman’s great granddaughter)

This heartfelt short shows the love of a single father and a daughter, along with the challenges of growing up and culture. It evokes a sad spirit in a viewer, especially if they have also gone through and understood the same situations and have tried to question it.

“This Could Be War” by Leia Surin Aljoffery (Bernice Chauly’s dauther).

This 12 year old budding filmmaker creates a promising stop-motion short about a battle between light and dark. It is creatively done and we understand how time consuming stop motion and claymation can be, so it’s quite fantastic.

“Reflections” by Eja (Actress and previous “Roda Impian” cohost), co-written by Nik Jassmin Hew.

This short is extremely haunting and disturbing, telling an emotional story of a sexually abusive father and a little girl, who grows up to forgive but can’t forget.

“N/A” by Ineza Roussille (filmmaker), written with Nik Jassmin Hew.

A hilarious and well written short about a lesbian couple trying to be patient with a guy who can’t take a hint, Ineza Roussille captures the struggle of a same sex relationship with a great sense of humour.

“Kuih” by Soefira Jaafar (Writer)

Touching the subjects of some of the ‘deadly sins’, mainly gluttony and pride, “Kuih” brings the funny side to a father who demands one cake rather than something new. After screaming at his daughter to get him his favourite cakes instead, he gets tempted by the cupcakes.

“Khalilah” by Junad M. Nor (Datuk Lat’s daughter).

Arguably one of the strongest short in the series, the short discusses the brave subject on the country’s traditional take on ‘unmarried daughter’, which could also translate to ‘virgin’, even though it might not be the case anymore.

“A Girl is Half” by Deborah Henry (Beauty Queen), co written by Angela Rodrigues.

Also touching on how girls are always expected to marry and have kids, even at a young age, Henry’s short is a smart and sharp piece about a girl who favours her independence even in a culture that dictates her otherwise.

“Make Your Day” by Melissa Indot (Singer), cowritten by Angela Rodrigues.

The short is also a cool but uneasy music video of Melissa Indot’s song “Make Your Day”, but the short tells the spiraling downfall of a loving father who falls dependent on drugs and eventually dangers the lives of his daughters.

“Haus” by Nora Nabila (Writer).

Expressing the troubles of a housewife who feels unloved and unsatisfied, she starts feeling literally “thirsty”. The desperation she portrays in the short shows clearly, and it makes the audience watching feel for her as she yearns to soften her fall.

“Molly” by Elza Irdalynna (Actress and Writer).

This short captures a teen girl and the trust circle of her good friends while she makes a huge and terrifying sacrifice. The simple short can also be thought of as a larger truth as girls often struggle to go through or even discuss these topics, especially in the Malaysian culture.