no water

Malaysia’s water shortage has struck most of us, and it can be a complete nuisance and a terrible inconvenience. The water shortage has limited our usual use of water, including long showers, limitless tea and cooling down in the hot Malaysian heat.

Without our usual water supply running through our taps freely, we still power through our daily lives with many different ways for us to get through the situation.

Here are just a few of the things we do when our taps are dry.

1. Drowning ourselves in perfume.

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Sometimes, we feel like it isn’t worth it to waste our precious water from our giant plastic buckets which we had saved from before the water supply shut itself down. Spraying on Gucci or our Hugo Boss might give off an overwhelming and overpowering smell for everyone else, but at least it will mask the fact that you hadn’t showered.

 2. Eating out for dinner more frequently.

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No water will make it very difficult for anyone to cook anything. And think of the dishes that will just be piled up! Going out to eat might be expensive and tiresome, but it’s the best thing we can do at such extremes. Of course we have to worry about where the restaurants get their water, so try to find good clean places.

 3. You savour bottled mineral water.

When you really want to shower and wash your hair that badly, buying boxes of mineral water bottles feels like a good option. You savour every little bit of water in that bottle to its last drop. Especially if you buy spring water, you can pretend that you’re bathing in the mountains.

 4. Talk about not having water in your house.

You meet up with your friends, only to discuss how hard it is to cope without water.

 5. Opening and closing your taps to see if it will help bring water back.


Lifting your tap and closing it back repeatedly doesn’t help speed the process of anything, other than your wasted time, but you keep doing it anyway.

 6. Noticing how hot the weather has been lately.

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What’s worse than realising you have no water in the house? Realising that the weather is also piping hot lately. You want to drink your mineral shower water, but you also want to use it to wash your hair. When is this vicious cycle ever going to end?

 7. Trying not to get dirt on your hands when you’re getting into your own car.

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We have all been advised to not wash our cars so often, which means that our cars are dirtier especially during the haze that spread out. It’s difficult not to get your hands dirty when you try to open your car door.

 8. Tying up your hair so the oily strand won’t reach your face.

leslie perm

It’s not just tying your hair, you try to do all sorts of things to make your look less gritty, like baseball caps, hoodies, bandanas, barrettes, pins… the works! But none of it will make you feel less like a greaseball.

 9. Asking your friends if you could have a shower at their place.

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All hail that one friend whose area doesn’t seem to be affected by the water shortage, and all hail them for being kind enough to offer a cold shower to soothe your tensions and ease you off this rough time you’re going through!

 10. Glaring at other people who waste water.

Michael Scott angry stare at toby

Losing your water use, even for a while, is a pain you hope to not suffer for a long time after it ends, but you will still be fueled with hate when you see someone waste water.

Water appreciation for life!