Since “The Lego Movie” has been stacking up good reviews since its release on 6 February 2014- what with its brand of humour that utilises pop culture and several character references- the creators have now delivered these adorable LEGO-fied posters that pay tribute to this year’s nine Academy Award’s Best Picture nominees! Psst. We’ve also added more Lego-fied posters of previous Oscar nominees below. Check them out!

american hustle lego poster 404x600 1
“American Hustle”

eb6036b0 94cb 11e3 9b87 69d79c10706e Captain Phillips
“Captain Philips”

eb977350 94cb 11e3 b7d7 4d117aec0c1c Dallas Buyers Club 2
“Dallas Buyers Club”

ebf4ae80 94cb 11e3 9b87 69d79c10706e Nebraska

ecf02580 94cb 11e3 9b87 69d79c10706e Philomena

gravity lego poster 406x600 1

her lego poster 404x600 1

the wolf of wall street lego poster 412x600 1
“The Wolf Of Wall Street”

5de6e8a0 94cc 11e3 9b87 69d79c10706e 12 Years A Slave

“12 Years A Slave”

Lego Movie Posters 4
Best Picture of 2010, “The King’s Speech”

Inception 2
“Inception”, won four Academy Awards in 2011.

Lego poster american beauty
Best Picture of 1999, “American Beauty”.

lego posters for oscar nominated movies 3
Nominated for five Academy Awards in 2011, “Black Swan”.

Lego Social Network
Nominated for eight Academy Awards in 2011, “The Social Network”.

2012 01 11 aragorn lego
Winner of 11 Academy Awards in 2004, “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King”.