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Concerned local fast food fans, have been blowing up the Internet with news that McDonald’s Malaysia is no longer offering free refills for their carbonated soft drinks, and will now charge RM0.50 for each refill request instead.

In a photo posted on Yahoo Malaysia’s Facebook page today, a sticker with the said disclaimer was spotted on a cash register machine at the McDonald’s at e@The Curve, Damansara Jaya.


Apparently, based on the blog, one of McDonald’s other outlets had also posted the notice below sometime mid last year:

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Apparently, the decision to charge RM0.50 per refill is to curb the overcrowding at McDonald’s, caused by patrons with laptops who occupy tables for several hours at a go and keep refilling their drinks without ordering anything else.

The next move is reportedly targeted at McDonald’s free Wi-Fi service, which will either be limited to several minutes per person or set to be turned on for only specific times throughout the day.

As of yet, it is not confirmed if all McDonald’s outlets nationwide have started to implement the RM0.50 per refill rule.