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Malaysia beats the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia as the most ‘halal’ friendly holiday destination for Muslim travelers.

In a survey conducted by Singapore-based Muslim travel specialist, Crescentrating, the results were derived by the way the countries respond to the needs of Muslim travelers, halal restaurants practicing Islamic standards of meat handling, and the access and availability of prayer rooms housed at airports, shopping malls and hotels.

Crescentrating chief executive Fazal Bahardeen, said that the country’s Islamic Tourism Centre has “continued to educate the industry on how to cater to the Muslim travelers.”

Bahardeen also added that globally, an estimated USD$140 billion can be attributed to the Muslim travel market last year.

In 2020, the figure is expected to increase to USD$200 billion.

Here are the top 10 holiday destinations for Muslim travelers:

1. Malaysia
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2. United Arab Emirates
3. Turkey
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4. Indonesia
5. Saudi Arabia
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6. Singapore
7. Morocco
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8. Jordan

9. Qatar


10. Tunisia
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