Up to now, users of the popular social media networking site, Facebook, always had the limited option of selecting their gender as either ‘Male’ or ‘Female’, but that has now changed with more than 10 other options available.

The new feature, now allows users to select between ‘Male’, ‘Female’ and the new option; ‘Custom’.

By selecting the ‘Custom’ option, users can then select various gender identifications that include; ‘androgynous’, ‘bisexual’, ‘transgender’ and many more.

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Users can also select what pronoun FB uses to describe them; His, Her or Their.

The reason for the change, explained the company who had worked with groups of gay and transgender organisations for the update, is to allow users to “feel comfortable being your true, authentic self”.

The gender option will also allow the user to control and limit the audience who can view it, should they wish to do so.

Users may also select the ‘their’ pronoun used by Facebook to refer to them publicly, should they prefer not to be addressed by ‘his’ or ‘she’. E.G: It is John Smith’s birthday today, do you want to write on ‘their’ wall?