Of all the businesses to be running, who would have thought that selling ice cream would be one of the more profitable gigs? However,  you can’t sell just any ice cream, you would have to sell Aiskrim Goyang, which more or less translates to wobbly/shaky ice cream.

As reported in Bernama, Malik Mizan, a former naval officer and Chief Executive Officer for Duta Prosper Sdn Bhd., conceived the idea for Aiskrim Goyang, priced at RM1 each, where coarse salt, ice blocks and water is added into the machine filled with moulds. The ice cream liquid mixture is then poured into moulds, and the machine shakes them to mix and freeze the ice cream.

To make Aiskrim Goyang, one needs this machine.

When it reaches half freeze stage, the bamboo sticks to hold the ice cream will be inserted into the mould tubes and shaken again to freeze the ice cream completely.

Malik expects to establish up to 10 ice cream millionaires throughout the country within the next five years through his ice cream franchise, “Best Ice Cream”. His confidence stems from the fact that the business concept is simple enough. The capital needed is small with low risk, and all it takes to succeed is the young entrepreneurs’ hard work and dedication.

Best Ice Cream stalls located near schools seem to fare well with the crowd.

For a capital investment of RM 10,000, the company will provide young entrepreneurs with a two-day, one-night training that covers the ways to make the ice cream, managing the business, maintaining the equipment, marketing strategy and innovation.

In addition, the company will provide the kiosk, ice cream making machine, freezer, an ice cream man bell, T-shirt, cap, apron, bamboo sticks and the raw material.

A group of children enjoying their Aiskrim Goyang.

The 54-year-old father remarked that his franchise could return up to RM 10,000 per month, and for every friend introduced to participate in the franchise, the young entrepreneurs will be paid RM 500.

Compared to the Aiskrim Goyang made in Thailand, which uses carbonated drinks, Best Ice Cream is alleged to use healthier ingredients such as skimmed powdered milk, cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, as well as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavouring. Best Ice Cream Aiskrim Goyang is also softer in texture.

Malik plans to expand his franchise to Indonesia when the time is right.