By now, we’re sure most have heard of local celebrity chef, Chef Wan’s widespread Instagram lash over Malaysian Airlines’ (MAS) Nasi Lemak meal that was served to him during a flight a few weeks ago for breakfast.

In case you haven’t heard, here’s a recap:

On 29 January, Chef Wan who was heading back home from a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, expressed quite a lengthy dissatisfaction over the quality and presentation of the flight’s Nasi Lemak meal via his Instagram account.

Chef Wan’s unhappy post regarding his MAS Nasi Lemak breakfast.

Through his Instagram post, it is clearly seen that the meal, apart from the coconut rice, was presented with only a dollop of sambal and a boiled egg- sans roasted peanuts, cucumber and fried anchovies which are usually also part of the everyday basic Nasi Lemak meal.

Over the multi-paragraph rant, Chef Wan had labelled the Nasi Lemak, telanjang (a Malay word for naked) and criticised the quality of the meal which he says as part of our national delicacy, should have been taken with pride, especially when our national charter also plays host to other international travelers that deem Malaysia as a food paradise.

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Air Asia’s latest marketing gimmick.

MAS has since responded to Chef Wan’s feedback and has promised to improve the quality of their Nasi Lemak, however, before that could be done, local budget airlines Air Asia had already made use of the incident as part of their latest marketing gimmick.

Running a full paid print advertisement in a local newspaper, Air Asia highlights their famous Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser with the tagline, “Nasi Lemak kami LENGKAP!” (Our Nasi Lemak is complete!).

In smaller print it then says, “Sejuklah di udara kalau telanjang!” (It will be cold up in the air if we were naked!)

The quirky Ad soon got the attention of Chef Wan, who then proceeded to share it on his Instagram account: