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At last, the Malaysian “KL Gangster” film director and star, Syamsul Yusof , 30, and actress Puteri Sarah , 28, will tie the knot according to Syamsul’s mother Datin Patimah Ismail, who confirmed that the pair will come together and wed this February.

According to the reports in mStar, Patimah had said that both families of the couple had agreed to hold a family wedding ceremony next month at the request of Syamsul.

“The engagement was held briefly and I have put the ring on the finger of the soon-to-be-bride myself but there was no big engagement ceremony held, as Syamsul wanted to marry as soon as he could. God willing, they will be married in February but we are still discussing a date for the event,” she said.

According to Patimah, Syamsul was told that he was ready to get married and was convinced that Sarah is the best choice to be his wife after returning from Umrah in Mecca on 28 December.
Even Patimah and husband, Datuk Yusof Haslam is happy and pleased with his choice of bride as Sarah is deemed to be a gentle woman and is open to all things.

Syamsul in “KL Gangster”

“I know that she is a very clever person, but I also can tell that she is very family friendly and has a high educational background.

Syamsul has chosen his other half, and it has been a blessing because he is our family’s pride and joy,” she added.

Syamsul Yusof, who is the youngest son of Datuk Yusof Haslam and Patimah, has made a career as a film director with films like “SAM”, and “KL Gangster”.