Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee, notoriously known as the Malaysian sex bloggers or “Alvivi” might break up their relationship, according to their latest Facebook status updates.

The sex bloggers had posted the status concerning their break up on New Year’s Day, “Alvivi is going to split soon. Thanks for following us but this is the end. #ThatsIt”

Tan reportedly said that he was “just about to throw in the towel because this had been happening again and again and again”, which suggests that he is accusing Lee of cheating.

Alvivi’s controversial ‘Bah
Kut Teh’ for Ramadhan post.

The pair made headlines after they broadcasted their sexual exploits online in 2012 and are facing a trial over an offensive Ramadan greeting they posted online last July (seen above).

 But their relationship has reportedly been on the rocks after Tan, 25, found out that Lee, 24, had cheated on him with another man. Tan even denied that Lee was ever his girlfriend, “Vivian Lee is not my girlfriend. I’m not sure where that comes from. Sure, we’re close and all but we haven’t ever been exclusive to each other, even until now.”

In response, Lee had apologised to Tan on her Facebook page, saying, “I am very sorry for hurting you, betraying your trust and letting you down. Yes, I admit that I may not be sexually exclusive to you (and I’m willing to change that) but I’m emotionally exclusive to you. Please forgive me and give me a chance to make it up to you.”

However, in her comment on the ‘breakup’ status, she said: “You guys must know that he cheated on me, too. And that was during the exclusivity period and now he’s being the hypocrite here trying to play the moral card.”