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Lee Kwang Soo acted on his promise to entertain more than 4,000 fans at his fan meeting in Malaysia on Saturday, 4 January.

Held at Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Lee Kwang Soo, also known as “The Betrayer Giraffe” in a popular variety show, “Running Man” had avid fans waiting for him for his appearance.

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Wearing a blue blazer paired with a black T-shirt and black pants, Lee Kwang Soo kicked off the event with the song “Hug” which was popularized by DBSK.

The 28-year old artist was obviously moved by the reception of the Malaysian fans.

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“This is my first visit to Malaysia and I did not expect to receive such a great response from the fans. I am completely overwhelmed and grateful. When I go back to Korea, I would point out to the members of “Running Man” about how great the fans in Malaysia are,” he beamed.

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Seeing the efforts of fans are answering questions and learning more facts about him, Lee Kwang Soo was stunned and could not resist being grateful for the response he’s received, “I feel pretty touched by fans in Malaysia. I am humbled and amazed to see how much they know everything about me. Thanks for the support and love given.”

“I promise to do my best in the future. I really appreciate it,” he continued.

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The event lasted two hours, and also saw Lee Kwang Soo entertaining the fans with the song “Because I Love You” while playing the keyboard.

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Lee Kwang Soo was also presented with a video clip made by a group of loyal fans in Malaysia that was packed with information and photographs of the actor since the beginning of his career as a model.


Starting his career as a model and actor, Lee Kwang Soo’s popularity soared after the success of “Running Man” since 2010.

Come back soon, you ‘betrayer giraffe’.