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There has been a colossal boom of fan following for television series that almost rivals that of movies on the big screen. With the greats of 2013 TV, notably “Breaking Bad”, there is now more to offer on the television screen and what was once deemed awesome with a 2-hour movie experience, can now be an extended 24-hour episode marathon of great storytelling and endless plot possibilities without the restraint of meeting box office targets. 
With the freedom of creativity offered to filmmakers, writers and actors via television, also thanks to the lack of big studio execs calculating their every move to impose cuts for a wider audience (for more Kaching!) , it’s no wonder everyone is running to TV now. In a market where the entertainment world once considered work in TV series as a stepping stone, it seems like TV and the great series they deliver every year seem to be getting even better! Just look at our shortlist of upcoming 2014 TV series that has Alfonso Cuaron, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Steven Soderbergh and Eva Green in it! You definitely do not want to miss these shows!


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Stars: Josh Holloway, Meghan Ory, Mar Helgenberger
Premieres: 7 January 2014
“Lost” favourite Josh Holloway is a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a chip in his brain that allows him to basically be a walking Google. We get to watch this handsome hunk solve crimes and still keep his sarcastic charm since he has an appetite for unpredictable behaviour. So, what’s there not to like?

Penny Dreadful


Stars: Josh Harnett, Billie Piper, Eva Green, Reeve Carney, Timothy Dalton
Premieres: Possibly mid-2014
Created by “Sweeney Todd” and “Skyfall” writer John Logan, this series described as ‘psychosexual horror’ has got us intrigued. But what’s even more intriguing is why names like Josh Hartnett and Eva Green are even attached to it? And why are they playing characters like Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Count Dracula and other scary things?

About A Boy

about a boy tv show

Stars: David Walton, Minnie Driver
Premieres: Possibly mid-2014
Remember that handsome children’s doctor Zooey Deschanel dated in “New Girl” or that handsome contracter in “Bent”? David Walton will now play a handsome songwriter and bachelor made popular by Hugh Grant in the 2002 movie of the same name. We wonder how the series will stretch on from a 2 hour plus movie or Nick Hornby’s 278 page book that started it all.


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Stars: Johnny Sequoyah, Jake McLaughlin, Kyle MacLachlan, Jamie Chung
Premieres: Late 2014
If you loved “Gravity”, you’re going to love this sci-fi series created by director Alfonso Cuaron. Although the series has very few known names, the highlights are Jamie Chung (“Sucker Punch”) and Kyle MacLachlan (“Twin Peaks”, “Desperate Housewives”) as its stars. The series is about a young girl (played by newcomer 10-year-old Johnny Sequoyah) with abilities she cannot control who gets a wrongfully convicted death-row inmate (Jake McLaughlin a real life army man who served in Iraq for 4 years) as her protector from outside forces that want the girl.

The Knick

clive owen set knick

Stars: Clive Owen, Steve Garfanti
Premieres: Possibly mid-2014 
This one has “Mad Men” meets “Boardwalk Empire” written all over it. “The Knick” is directed by Steven Soderbergh (“Magic Mike”) and stars Clive Owen (“Closer”) as the lead. It looks at the professional and personal lives of Dr. John W. Thackery (Owen) and an unknown character (played by Steve Garfanti) and the staff at New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital during the early part of the twentieth century. 

Mind Games

mind games tv show

Stars: Steve Zahn, Christian Slater 
Premieres: Mid-2014
OK, so this one is for all you brainy TV addicts who actually find shows that give your brain squat-like workouts enjoyable (“Sherlock”, “House” & “White Collar”). Starring two very familiar names Zahn (“Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”) and Slater (“Interview With The Vampire), this show is about two brothers that run a problem solving firm employing solutions based on psychological manipulation where they believe decisions are influenced by their enviroment in ways their clients are not aware of. Yes, this is some serious ‘Secret’ mindpower right here. Also, to make things more crazy than they already are, one brother is bipolar while the other is a con man just out of serving time in prison which should make their chemistry really interesting.

The Strain

the strain del toro

Stars: Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Sean Astin
Premieres: Mid-2014
Another vampire series you say? We say this will be delivered by Guilermo del Toro (“Pacific Rim” & “Hellboy”) himself, now you get it? Yes, we thought so. Based on the novels by del Toro and author Chuck Hogan, this series begins when a sealed plane lands at JKF airport with 200 corpses and four survivors, and soon, more than just bodies from morgues go missing. The concept of filming for this series will be very much like “Cloverfield” and “Chronicle” and is meant to be realistic as a real pandemic striking the human race.

From Dusk Til Dawn

adrianne palicki1

Stars: Adrianne Palicki, D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Wilmer Valderrama, Jesse Garcia, Jake Busey
Premieres: Possibly mid-2014
What? Another vampire series? Seriously? Well, we just couldn’t say no. This supernatural crime thriller which is adapted from Robert Rodriguez’s (who is also producing the series) film of the same name starring George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, will also be centered around a bank robber, Seth (D.J. Cotrona) and his unpredictable brother Richie (Zane Holtz) who are wanted by the FBI. When the duo kidnap a family as hostages, the then end up in a strip club that’s populated by vampires and are forced to fight until dawn in order to escape. Unlike the film, the series will expand on the characters’ backstories and the the mythology behind the creatures.

True Detective

true detective

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Dunn, Alexandra Daddario
Premieres: 12 January 2014
In this 8 part HBO drama, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson play detectives who go on a 17-year long hunt for a serial killer. Now, why would big screen stars McConaughey (“Lincoln Lawyer”) and Harrelson (“The Hunger Games”) even bother going back to TV? Well, we can’t help to think that this show may be one of those badass multi-award winning ones, hence the back track and what’s better than two of our favourite Hollywood rednecks going all Southern in Louisiana in this “Justified” meets “Breaking Bad” soiree. Interestingly like “American Horror Story”, each season of this show will feature a different cast and story.

Gang Related

new tv shows 2013 gang related

Stars: Ramon Rodriguez, Terry O’Quinn, Rza, Sung Kang
Premieres: Possibly mid-2014
In this gritty drama that’s like a medley of “Sons Of Anarchy” and “NCIS”, Ryan (Ramon Rodriguez from “Battle Los Angeles”) is a gang member who infiltrates the San Francisco Police Department and rises through its ranks. While his police pals lead by Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”) is oblivious to Ryan’s true motives and his secret, Ryan has to balance his two obligations while maintaining his loyalty to his gang as the two forces constantly collide on the streets. Created and written by Chris Morgan (“Wanted” and “Fast Five”) you know this series is going to be as ‘street-real’ as it gets!