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New Year’s Eve is one of the most widely-celebrated time of the year around the world and also the most pressure inducing day of the year if you’re sans a good plan for the night. We’ve asked around and discovered that there are so many things you can do, but if you’re still are stuck with no ideas, here are our top eight New Year’s Eve suggestions to get the night rolling (or not, if that’s your thing!)

1. Party like You’ve Never Party Before 

New YearE28099s Eve Party survival

There are three partying choices where you can enjoy a good night; either go for a public celebration event like the free annual fireworks show at KLCC, or a paid New Year’s Eve admission party at the clubs along Changkat Bukit Bintang, Zouk or Rootz, KL. Maybe you can even throw your own themed party by inviting guests to your place. This is the best time for you to let loose and have fun and as the clock nears 12 o’ clock. But if you don’t remember the previous night at all the next day, then don’t worry, because your mission’s accomplished!

2. Watch Movies At The Cinema


If partying is not your thing, you can invite your family, friends and/or loved ones to go for a movie at the cinema. Get sentimental and reflect on life with this year’s Christmas movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, or scare yourself silly with “Make Me Shudder”. Get transfixed by the horror of slavery in “12 Years a Slave” or get thrilled with suspense with “Before I Go to Sleep”. If you are up for it, why not make it a movie marathon? That would be a stimulating challenge!

3. Classy Drinking At Scenic Places

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Sometimes a great drinking session with friends is best reserved on a special day. One of the special days has to be New Year’s Eve! You can either go for drink at the pub or at a clubbing area. Get dressed up in your suave-est look and head to good venues in the city that will allow for a spectacular show of fireworks, like Marini’s on 57 at Menara Petronas or the Helipad at Menara KH for a 360 degree view of Kuala Lumpur.

4. Eating Out

End of Term Feast PS 1

Many restaurants, cafes or hotels will be offering special New Year’s Eve meals which you can choose from, depending on your budget. If you want a wide selection of fine food and drinks, then you can always try for the buffets at The Majestic Hotel KL, The Ritz Carlton, J.W. Marriot or even KL Hilton. Of course these New Year’s buffets don’t come cheap, but if you’re willing to fork out for good food and a night of festivities (usually all hotels will have their own New Year’s Eve parties) then why not? If you’re looking to not spend a bomb on food, then why not try the new diner concept Johnny Rockets at eCurve, Damansara, or places like T.G.I. Fridays or Chilies for great yet affordable food for large groups!

5. BBQ Night


If you’re tired of eating out at a crowded restaurant on New Year’s Eve, you can improvise on the regular eating-out session with family and friends by organizing a BBQ party with your friends. Of course, the more the merrier since everyone can go dutch on the budget for a variety of food and drinks. Locations to think of for a BBQ can be your neighbourhood park, the beach at Sepang Gold Coast or Port Dickson, or why not just place a grill outside a friend’s house with ample frontyard/backyard space? Get some chicken wings and sausages on the grill and get your friends to bring the potato salad and buns. Sounds yummy!

6. Have A Gaming Marathon


Countless junk food, a variety of soft drinks (or beers) and friends all in one place! What’s better than that? Put up a scoreboard and challenge each other in teams for a gaming marathon of “Call Of Duty”, “Dance Dance Revolution”, “Guitar Hero” or “Assassin’s Creed” that will surely entail a night full of laughter and noise!

7. Stay Home And List Down Your Resolutions (for real!)

New Year Resolutions

Okay, it might sound boring to you but let’s face it, New Year’s Eve is going to be ridiculously jammed with traffic and people all over the place. So if you are the type who hates the crowd, why not just chill at home, listen to music or watch TV while taking some serious time-out to list your serious resolutions? This New Year’s Eve activity requires no budget at all. Start your list of resolutions for 2014 by jotting them down on a piece of paper. Plan stuff like places to visit next year, changing your car, changing your career, moving to a new place, or look even further and plan to live abroad next year to widen your horizons. There is no better time to plan out your resolutions than on the eve of New Year’s, where you’re forced to look back at all the time you wasted the past year and get more gung-ho than ever to make your plans happen next year!

8. Go On A Trip

summer holiday

To avoid stressing on making your New Year’s Eve the most memorable one yet, why not plan to go on a holiday with your significant other or even your family and friends? Go to an island, or a different continent depending on your budget and you’ll find that by just being at a new environment is a good enough New Year’s Eve plan. Sometimes you even get to make new friends and end up with impromptu plans at the very last second. The holiday stretch between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the most popular time of the year where people travel.