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Danny Choo, the eldest son of famous shoe designer, Jimmy Choo has come up with 3D digitally printed smart dolls.

For Danny, what started out as a prank post on April Fools’ Day went on to become viral, thus attracting the robotic industry and communities in Japan.

Instead of getting the companies to invest in his idea, Danny started the project from scratch.

“It took me about a year to complete the doll. The whole production process was quite a handful as I had to look into several matters myself, including designing the face mask, the wig, frame, outer shell and logistics.” said Danny to The Star.

UK based company, MakieLab, has also been making 3D printed dolls since May 2012.

The android application controlled 60 cm vinyl doll is able to give the user Twitter and Facebook notifications, teach Japanese and even be used as a GPS device.

Expected to be out first in Malaysian stores by March next year, per doll is estimated to cost around RM1,900.

Danny also plans to collaborate with his father to design the doll’s attire and shoes.

3D digitally printed smart dolls are expected to be the next big hit in the tech market. Like making an avatar, customers are able to design their own dolls via an App or web software, and get it created via a 3D printing machine that’s able to print out shapes in 3D!