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Siti Nurhaliza records children’s songs

Siti Nurhaliza recently revealed that she is recording a new batch of children's songs for her upcoming new album.

The singer shared the news on social media on 10 March, saying that she has been facing challenges in recording during her final trimester, especially because she hasn't been performing much since her pregnancy was confirmed. The singer is currently eight months pregnant with her second child. 

"But praise be to God, He has eased everything. Thank you to my team who has been working hard to complete this album," she added.

Siti Nurhaliza is looking so radiant
In an interview with Awani later on, Siti admitted that she has always loved children's songs like "Bunga Matahari", "Suriram", and "Buai Laju-Laju" and wanted to compile all of them in one album for quite some time, but couldn't do it before due to her hectic schedule.

"Those were the songs that I would sing when I was a child. So when the opportunity arises, I decided to record it so that my fans can appreciate it," she said.

However, the songstress did record a single, "Comel Pipi Merah" in the past prior to daughter Aafiyah's birth.

She also hopes that the upcoming album can be played for the kids so that they will appreciate the classic songs and ensure that the songs will continue to live on in people's minds.

Siti released "Comel Pipi Merah" while she was pregnant with daughter Aafiyah, now three.
Siti’s daughter is certainly Daddy’s girl
(Photo Source: Siti Nurhaliza Instagram)
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