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IU is returning to Spotify

After the hullabaloo caused by Kakao's decision to withdraw songs from its artistes from Spotify, it was revealed that the two parties have now reached an agreement that will enable Kakao Entertainment's stars to have their content available on the music streaming service again.

In a statement released by Kakao, the company stated that it had entered into agreement with Spotify and will subsequently provide music content to the said service in and beyond Korea.

"Through its diverse partnerships around the world including Spotify, Kakao Entertainment hopes that music lovers around the world can easily access its artists’ and music content to enjoy K-pop. Kakao Entertainment remains committed to the Korean music ecosystem and its growth and will continue protecting the rights of artists, labels and local rights holders going forward,” the statement read.

The issue sparked last week, when Kakao Entertainment, whose parent company Kakao Corp owns the Korean leading streaming service Melon, decided to remove the rights to songs by its artistes from Spotify following the expiry of the licensing deal.

The decision surprised users, who suddenly found that songs of their favourite artistes like IU, APink, Mamamoo and Seventeen went missing from their playlist.

It also shocked the artistes themselves, some who were not notified of the decision.

Songs by IU and Seventeen are now back on the music streaming service
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