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Indigo’s Bad and Ashira Aziz are now husband and wife

Five months after meeting on season seven of the hit reality show, "Gegar Vaganza", singers Ashira Aziz and Bad of Indigo are now officially husband and wife.

Ashira shared the good news on social media on 11 March, writing, "Praise be to Allah, with just one try, at 2.46pm of 11 March, I am officially the wife of [Bad]. Thank you so much for all your prayers."

In another photo of her and the Indigo member, she admitted that she still couldn't believe that she is married again.

The radiant bride

Bad and his new bride
As for Bad, real name Badrul Izhan Yeop Abdullah, the singer posted a photo of his wedding band, and expressed, "Ring on my finger. A truly special one. A gift from my wife. Love it."

He also thanked the team of Gegar Vaganza as the show had united the two of them, and for helping them with the ceremony.

Bad had been a single father of two kids since 2010 prior to marrying Ashira, while the latter was also divorced and has a 15 year-old son from her previous marriage.

Bad has two children from a previous marriage
Ashira has 15 year-old son named Megat
(Photo Source: Ashira Aziz Instagram, Bad.Indigo Instagram)
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