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Ernie Zakri hopes wedding will not be postponed

Now that Intan Ladyana has successfully tied the knot with Harris Alif despite the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, all eyes are now on Ernie Zakri and her fiancé Syamel, who are also planning to tie the knot this year.

The petite songstress, who spoke to the media recently, stated that they are almost at the finishing line when it comes to the preparations for the wedding, and are now waiting for it to finally happen.

"I hope that the wedding will not be postponed. Syamel and I would prefer not to delay this good thing, so hopefully everything will go on as planned. I will finally be able to breathe easy after the wedding," she said.

However, Ernie is still keeping mum when it comes to the wedding date.

Ernie and Syamel are hopeful that they can have their wedding as planned

The singer stated that she was previously busy preparing for her performance at the upcoming Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL), though news of the competition's postponement has given her the chance to spend more time on planning for the wedding.

Ernie will be performing her hit song, "Gundah" at the said event. The song was penned by both Ernie and composer Sharon Paul.

Ernie Zakri to perform "Gundah" at the upcoming 35th AJL
(Photo Source: Ernie Zakri Instagram)

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