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Aeril Zafrel shocked over finding strange objects at home

Aeril Zafrel recently expressed his belief that somebody has malicious intents against him and his family, after finding three strange objects at home.

On 7 February, the “Tercipta Satu Ikatan” actor shared a photo of three weirdly-shaped metal objects with unknown carvings on social media, and wrote, "Everyone has to face their own tests, trials and tribulations. Only with the help of God that everything can be made easier and can be faced calmly."

"The same goes for me. Praise be to God, He has sent His assistance through a learned person - me and my family are now safe from someone's black magic. Perhaps I had done something wrong and did not realise it, and for that I humbly apologise to the party affected, who somehow felt that they needed to use witchcraft [in retaliation]."

The actor showed the strange objects that he found

Aeril stated that while he does not know who the perpetrator is, he has already forgiven the other party, and leave the rest to God.

"If there is still dissatisfaction or if you feel like venting your anger on me, let us meet in person and if God wills it, I will be open to hear it and correct any mistakes I have made. I apologise to all. I submit myself, my wife and children to the best place of refuge and protection of the Almighty," he added.

Aeril and wife Wawa Zainal have three children together
(Photo Source: Aeril Zafrel Instagram)

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