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Sofia Jane went down memory lane as she shared throwback photos on social media

Sofia Jane has been sharing lots of old photos from her days as the most sought-after actress in Malaysia, and she apparently has a reason for walking down the memory lane.

In an interview with Astro AWANI recently, the actress, who has returned to Malaysia from Melbourne, shared that she began sharing the photos after finding them in her late mother Allahyarham Noreen Abdullah's collection. Said the actress, her mother had been documenting every single one of her work in the industry since she first started back when she was 17.

"I am very thankful that she kept everything. The reason why I shared it was for the sake of the younger generation. I consider it my memorabilia," she said.

Sofia (in the back) playing Julia Rais' friend in "Mira Edora" in 1989

Sofia, who used the Twitter handle MemHanyut, admitted that she still kept it close to her heart all the experience and things she learned along the way when she was actively working in the industry in the 90s.

"I never expected to receive bags upon bags of letters and postcards from fans. But those were our "social media" at the time. It was through these letters that we create our relationship with them," she said, adding that she is still touched every time she read those messages from her fans.

The "Perempuan, Isteri, dan..." actress stated that she is thankful to be a part of the industry.

"I was 17 when I started. I knew very few about acting then, but I never stopped learning and gaining experiences. That is why I have been sharing them on Twitter. They are all very special and personal to me," she said.

The actress with Ida Nerina when they went to Malaysian Film Week in Manila back in 1994
The actress in 1995 alongside Sidi Oraza, Fauziah Nawi, Dato Jalaludin Hassan and Norish Karman promoting "Sayang Salmah"
(Photo Source: Sofia Jane Twitter)

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