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Siti Nurhaliza shares IVF journey in new vlog

Women who have undergone the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure would know how challenging it is - both physically and emotionally - to conceive a child in such a way; which is why Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza's recent video about her IVF journey was received with much love and support from the public.

The singer, who posted the video detailing her second pregnancy, revealed that it basically followed the same processes which she went through when she was trying for her first daughter Siti Aafiyah, but that it made her cry more as she and her husband succeeded in the effort.

Siti, who admitted that she had undergone the process numerous times and failed as many before finally having Aafiyah, stated that she was nervous when trying again as she didn't know whether she would be able to do it again.

"In my heart, I was praying that if Allah would give me another child, I will try my best," she said.

Siti documented her IVF journey on YouTube
She also revealed in her video the many doctor's appointments she had to go to and the medicine she had to take in her efforts to have another child, documenting every single process from the moment the embryo was inserted to finally having her pregnancy confirmed.

"Having a child is never easy, but we have to have trust in God's blessings and to keep working on the things we want... There were fans who told me that they faced similar situations, that is awaiting for a chance to become a mother. They asked for prayers for an ease in their effort like mine," she said.

Siti shared news of her second pregnancy with the public back on 1 December. It took the singer 12 years to finally welcome her first daughter back in 2018.

Siti welcomed her first daughter Aafiyah in 2018
(Photo Source: Siti Nurhaliza Instagram)

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