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Shima Anuar is tested positive for COVID-19

Shima Anuar recently announced that she has been tested positive for COVID-19.

The "Cinta Si Wedding Planner" actress shared the bad news on social media on 11 January by posting the result of her swab test and saying that it broke her heart to see that she has the coronavirus.

She wrote, "I wasn't in close contact with anybody who was diagnosed with COVID-19. I took a swab test last Friday when I suddenly experienced headache and breathing difficulty. I told my husband, and he assumed that it was because I hadn't eaten anything that day. It was better after I had something to eat. But I told him that I would like to do the test as well just for precaution since there was a rise in cases recently."

Shima shared her COVID-19 test result

Shima stated that she received the heartbreaking result on Sunday, and had her husband do the same screening, only for him to test negative.

"I don't know how to describe these feelings. I could only think of the kids right now. They have already taken the test this morning, and hopefully they are all safe. Please pray for us," she added.

Shima is a mum to two kids

At the same time, the actress also hopes that those who have interacted with her in recent days would go to the hospital and get themselves checked as well. As for now, Shima is awaiting the call from the Ministry of Health and has been quarantining herself from the rest of the family.

(Photo Source: Shima Anuar Instagram)

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