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Nubhan says wife miscarried at seven weeks of pregnancy

Nubhan Ahamad and wife Dr Afifah Hidayah's dream of having another child did not come true after the latter experienced a miscarriage seven weeks into her pregnancy.

The singer-entrepreneur shared the news on social media on 23 January with a video documenting the pregnancy journey, starting with the heartwarming moment when they found out that Afifah was pregnant, to the moment they found out that the child had no heartbeat during an ultrasound.

"It was not meant to be for us to have a third child. We lost it for the second time," he posted in the caption.

Nubhan also added that the pregnancy was only at its seven weeks and that his wife will not have to undergo a difficult post-miscarriage care.

Fans and friends alike expressed their sympathies for the couple, including Nubhan's fellow "Akademi Fantasia" alumni Khai and Rosma, who wrote, "We understand the feelings. We also had experienced it twice. Praise be to God that [our kids] are playing in the garden of Eden right now. We have five children now, so God willing there will be more for you guys."

The two already have two children after five years of marriage.

Nubhan and Afifah with their two children
(Photo Source: Nubhan Ahamad Instagram)

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