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Natasha Hudson saddened over Rizman Ruzaini’s response to dress issue

Natasha Hudson expressed sadness over being criticised by the designers of her controversial shoulder-baring white dress for the way she was styled to wear it at a recent event that had since caused much backlash from netizens.

The actress, who spoke to the media about the issue recently, stated that she felt that the statement made by the fashion duo Rizman Ruzaini was unfair and personal, though stated that it could have been made because they didn't know who bought it at first.

"But it's possible that they made the statement because I am not an A-list artiste who has repeatedly worked with them. But whatever it is, they should be respectful of customers and clients who bought their product. The dress was bought on a discounted price, not sponsored by them," she said.

Rizman Ruzaini previously slammed the actress for the way she wore their dress

Natasha expressed her belief that the designers would have sold their dresses for profit without questioning the intention of buyers if not for the controversy.

"It's not like I never knew them. I've worn clothes from their brand before. It's not like they couldn't ask me about the exact situation before giving their criticism. I think that the comment they made about the dress not suitable for a hijab-wearing individual was incorrect. If you google it, there have been dresses that they made for A-listers that had shown their body shape or showed their neck when they wore it with turban. What do they think of that?"

However, at the same time, the actress admitted that she made a mistake in the decision on how to wear the said dress, stating that she never thought that it would invite backlash and controversy.

"I can honestly say that it was not a planned publicity to sell products," she added.

Ziana Zain among celebs who had worn Rizman Ruzaini Couture

(Photo Source: NST, Rizman Ruzaini Instagram)

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