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Nad Zainal warns fans of scammer on Instagram

Nad Zainal was enraged after finding out that an irresponsible party has created a fake account on Instagram using her name to scam fans and netizens alike.

The actress recently revealed that she was notified of the fake account by an Instagram user, who said that an account using the handle nad.zainal_giveaway_ has been pretending to be her and was sending messages to her fans to participate in a giveaway that involves a free smartphone.

She posted, "This person is using my name to scam Instagram users... I never had other Instagram account and never promised a giveaway."

Nad also revealed in another post that the scammer asked her to pay RM300 for them to release the account, after she threatened to pursue them for pretending to be her.

"Be careful, guys. Scammers are everywhere," she wrote in another post.

A fan alerted Nad to the fake account
Nad warns her fans to be wary of the scammer
(Photo Source: Nad Zainal Instagram)

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