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Nabila Huda frustrated over school’s exorbitant fee

Amid the ongoing debate regarding pupils and students alike having to continue their home-based learning due to the Movement Control Order, actress Nabila Huda recently took to social media to express her frustration over some schools that still charge the full tuition fee.

The actress revealed her thoughts on Instagram Story on 19 January, writing, "I think online classes don't work for our kids. I paid full payment and it's not worth it at all. I thought this year the school would be more tolerant by reducing the fee because kids have to study online again, but it turns out that they are selfish yet again!"

The actress is aghast that her daughter's school still demanded exorbitant fee

Nabila stated that she could not fathom why she had to pay RM18,000 per year for online classes.

"I hate home school, but I had no choice. So Bert and I decided that we should pay a teacher to come teach Keisha at home. Full subjects. Does anybody know a home school teacher? Please DM me. It's nearing February, and I am getting worried at seeing my daughter not getting the proper lessons since last year," she added.

Prior to the home-based learning debate, the Ministry of Education had announced that schools will be open on 20 January, involving primary school pupils and high school students, as well as students of Vocational Colleges. However, the plan had to be postponed following the increase of Covid cases that prompted the government to impose another lockdown this month.

Nabila worries about daughter Keisha's studies
(Photo Source: Nabila Huda Instagram)

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