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Yonnyboii: Want to know me? Listen to the EP!

Yonnyboii is inviting fans to know more about him through his new E.P. album, "Yonny".

The 22 year-old singer, whose real name is Muhammad Haqeem Nuriman, stated that the new album will contain multiple songs that would enable fans and listeners alike to further understand all the feelings that he wanted to express.

"With this album, I am taking the opportunity to introduce who I really am, by showing my sincerity through the lyrics and the melody of my songs. In other words, this album is a rainbow of my artistic expression," he said.

Yonnyboii has worked with multiple composers and producers for the titular album, including Adam E, Freddie Laut, Vincent88 Mingaling, and Wolfie.

The new E.P. is produced by the same people who’ve worked with the singer in the past

Among the songs included in the album are "Salahku" - which has received more than three million views after it was released a few months back, "Bayang", "Sheenta", as well as "Boleh Bla".

The singer has been making headlines for the past week after fans alleging that he and Zynakal were being robbed when their hit song "Sakit" did not make it to the final of this year's Anugerah Juara Lagu.

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