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Marian Carmel releases limited AR-activated postcard with new single, “Rose”

Indie R&B/Soul singer-songwriter Marian Carmel has recently released her new song, “Rose”.

Described as a soothing track filled with lush vocal harmonies, the song is inspired by the phrase “rose-tinted glasses” and tells of the blessing as well as the curse of being too optimistic. 

“I have grown a little older, I have learnt a little more / but whatever happens, hope it’s not forgotten / or seen with glasses tinted rose,” the Philippine-born Singapore-based singer croons in the song that she dubs a form of catharsis for her as she makes peace with her personal growth.

“Rose’ is about being okay with that; including the mistakes you’ve made, whatever your coping mechanisms are, and giving yourself credit for your growth. Something I wish I knew back then, but I’m happy to know now,” Marian said of her new song, which is a reply to her debut single “Might Never Get Better”, where she shares the frustrations she faced on her journey towards healing.

“Rose”, released on 6 November, is the first single off the 23-year-old’s upcoming debut concept album under Singapore-based indie label, Where Are The Fruits. The album will be centred on the concept of letters, with “Rose” being the first letter of the album.

Marian Carmel hints that this special postcard comes with a surprise!

The single’s release is accompanied by a limited-edition AR-activated postcard.

Marian hopes that the A5-sized postcard, illustrated by Beverley Ng and engineered by Samson Sim, will inspire her fans to send letters to their loved ones.

It will include a personalised and handwritten message from the singer, the first demo of the song, and a surprise! (The singer hints that “this is more than just a postcard”.)

Listen to “Rose” and purchase the postcard at this link: https://www.mariancarmel.com/links

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