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Aina Abdul a.k.a. Bunga Raya is the first champion of “The Masked Singer Malaysia”!

The debut season of “The Masked Singer Malaysia” wrapped up yesterday evening with Aina Abdul named as the show’s first champion.

The singer, who donned a costume inspired by Malaysia’s national flower Bunga Raya (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), beat 11 other contestants to win the top spot in the reality singing competition TV series that ran for 8 weeks from 18 September until 6 November 2020.

Watch what Aina has to say about her win below.

Coming in second was singer and TikTok star Vanessa Reynauld, who successfully hid her identity behind her Rajah Brooke costume.

She shared on her Instagram that she was relieved now that she can reveal her identity, stating that people have been asking her about it since the first week but she had to keep mum about her participation ‘til the very end!

Third place went to Tuju who, unsurprisingly, masked himself in a costume inspired by orang utan – the great ape native to Borneo, where the Sabah-born K-Clique member hails from.

Rounding up the finalists of the first season of “The Masked Singer Malaysia” were Enggang a.k.a. Vince Chong, who is no stranger to reality singing competition shows since he was the winner of the first season of “Akademi Fantasia”, and Wau a.k.a. Datin Noor Hasliah "Alyah" Abu Hasan, who was also previously named the champion of “Bintang HMI 2000”.

No wonder everyone on “The Masked Singer Malaysia” just sounds so good,
congrats to all the winners!
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