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“The Masked Singer Malaysia”: Who’s out and who’s still singing?

Malaysia finally welcomed to the stage last month its localised version of the popular reality singing competition TV series, “The Masked Singer”. With a total of 8 episodes airing from 18 September until 6 November 2020, so far 5 of the 12 contestants have had to take off their ornate masks. 

With three more episodes left, everyone is anticipating who will be making it to the final round next month. To find out, fans can tune in to the show that airs every Friday at 8pm (MYT) on Astro Warna or stream it on Astro GO and Astro Ultra Box.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at who’s been eliminated so far and who’s still in the running to become the first champion of “The Masked Singer Malaysia”!


Despite a performance that’s as delectable as his Nasi Lemak disguise, hockey legend Dato’ Mirnawan Nawawi was the first to be eliminated from the show.

The second contestant to bid farewell to the stage was all-rounder veteran Ebby Saiful Ali, who was disguised as Rimau (tiger).

Eliminated in the third show, her stay may have been short but Yana Samsudin’s performances were as sweet as her cute ABC getup.

Musang King finally shed its thorns to reveal singer-actor Zain Hamid as the fourth show’s eliminated masked singer!

The panel of jury correctly guessed Hairul Azreen was the fifth eliminated singer, easily identifiable by the athlete-turned-actor’s signature pose despite his dusguise as Ayam Jantan.


Listen to that voice! Who is hiding behind the iconic Rafflesia mask?

Enggang is no slacker in the vocals department too.

Reno is still going strong as one of the remaining contestants.

Wow, this Wau sure impresses with that unique voice!

Rajah Brooke’s smooth voice sure sets hearts aflutter.

This singer’s voice doesn’t lose to the beauty of the national flower that inspires her Bunga Raya mask. 

Will Orang Utan hang on till the end? Let’s find out by tuning in to “The Masked Singer Malaysia” every Friday!

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