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5 Amazing Malaysian Artisanal Scented Candle Brands to Try!


It is a well-known scientific fact that a particular scent of something can immediately trigger a detailed memory or intense emotion, making the sensory experience one certainly not to be overlooked.

Therefore, the easiest and inexpensive way to curate your emotional state throughout the day is to surround yourself with scented candles, no?

Whilst a really good 3-wick essential oil ladened one from a franchise store can cost you every cent you have, why not try our very own local brands that seem to be headed more towards the eco-friendly route by making them soy wax based that's filled with exotic scents!  

Lilin + Co

Established since 2016, what makes Lilin + Co stand out is their simple designed wood-wick soy candles which are 170g for RM65 and have up to 40 hours of burning time (the smaller 65g candles for RM20 have 20 hours of burn time and come with a regular cotton wick.) Their bestseller scents are the Neroli & Ylang Ylang and the Black Tea & Lychee which will quickly scent up your room as soon as they're lighted.

Wicket Candles

If you're looking for floral, fruity and especially Malaysian scents, then Wicket Candles are really nice! Some of their interesting soy-wax scents are Malaysian Kopi and Mango Coconut. The price range is from RM35 to RM80 per candle - depending on the sizes - 100ml Amber Glass, 240ml Amber Glass or even go with their pretty 130ml tins!

Dorothy Scents

What's unique about Dorothy Scents is their Crystal Candle Collection. Each of the soy wax candles reveal a crystal hidden within as it gradually melts. For RM75 per 100g candle, customers can choose their crystals; like Amethyst in a lavender candle, Citrine with a bamboo scent candle, Black Obsidian in Sandalwood candle. or Rose Quartz with a rose candle. 


Did you know that you're actually saving the Earth with OiLilin's candles? They recycle used cooking oil from going to waste and turn it into eco-friendly candles instead. Their candles go for RM29 for 105g and can burn for up to 30 hours. OiLilin's popular scents are Fig Milk Candle, Spice Wood Candle, and Blueberry Candle. You can even buy their candle making kits for RM49 if you want to dabble with your own candle making creativity!

Borneo Candle Studio

The founders are from Sarawak and Brunei hence the name Borneo Candle Studio. One of their most exotic scents is the Borneo Oudh (a.k.a. agarwood). It has a deep woody scent and has a nice leathery quality to it. Their 3.5 oz (RM48) soy candle burns for 20 to 30 hours, while their 7.7 oz (RM82) candle burns for 40 to 55 hours.

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