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10 hottest South Korean female golfers!

The world of golf is pretty much the same as the world of football (or soccer), where it is a sport dominated by men. But in the past five years, female golfers have started gaining more attention.

What’s more interesting is the emergence of more female golfers from South Korea who not only plays the sport well, but also possesses looks as good as their skills. Looks like the world hasn’t just caught the K-pop fever, but K-Golf too! Let’s take a look below at the 10 hottest South Korean female golfers.

Hyunju Yoo

(Photo source: instagram.com/_hyunju)

Hyunju Yoo sparked a phenomenon in the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour starting from 2016, where she not only captivated with her skills but also with her flawless beauty every time she took the field.

Shin-Ae Ahn

(Photo source: instagram.com/shinaeahn)
Shin-Ae Ahn started her career in the KLGPA since 2009 and once participated in the LPGA’s Evian Masters 2011 and US Women's Open in the same year.


(Photo source: instagram.com/wonjooo)

WonJooo is not only a professional golf player in the KLPGA, she is also a professional golf coach.

Eun Ji Her

(Photo source: instagram.com/her8105)

Eun Ji Her, same as WonJooo, is a professional KLPGA golfer and a professional golf coach. She is also a model for the popular golf brand, Renoma Golf.

Hyomin Jung

(Photo source: instagram.com/hyom1215)

Hyomin Jung is not only a KLPGA golfer, but she has also expanded her career as part of the Class A LPGA in the United States.

Sohyun Park

(Photo source: instagram.com/so_hyun_90)

Aside from playing in the KLPGA, Sohyun Park is also the ambassador to the golf brands Wide Angle Golf and Ping Golf. Apart from that, she is also a Level 2 referee in the Korean Golf Association.

Ji Hyun Oh

(Photo source: koreangolfnews.com)

Ji Hyun Oh is one the most popular golf players in South Korea and was previously a KLPGA Tour champion in 2017.

So Yeon Ryu

(Photo source: instagram.com/1soyeonryu)

Interestingly, So Yeon Ryu doesn’t play in the KLPGA. She is instead directly under the LPGA, where she is one of the best players to hail from Asia.

Jeong Eun Lee

(Photo source: instagram.com/__________6ix)

Same as So Yeon Ryu, Jeong Eun Lee doesn’t play under the KLPGA but directly under the LPGA, where she once won the U.S. Women’s Open.

Seon Woo Bae

(Photo source: t1.daumcdn.net)

Seon Woo Bae started playing in the small league Dream Tour before joining the KLPGA in 2014 and her best achievement is placing second in the Korea Women's Open 2015.

(Photo source: pinterest.com/calexc4/ladies-golf/, zimbio.com/photos/Seon+Woo+Bae, instagram.com/wonjooo, pinterest.com/pin/414683078163520400/, instagram.com/hyom1215, instagram.com/so_hyun_90)

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