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Aizat Amdan represents Malaysia in new Korean song collaboration

“I know we got love, so we can turn this into something, yeah,” so the lyrics go during Aizat Amdan’s part in the recently released track, “Me Me We”.

The Malaysian singer shared the video for it on his Instagram, captioned, “Let’s focus on what we can change now!” 

The uplifting bilingual song, showcasing lyrics in both Korean and English, is a collaboration between 8 artistes from 6 countries. 

K-pop idols RAVI, Ailee and NewKidd, collaborated with Aizat Amdan who, of course, represents Malaysia, and a few other Southeast Asian singers. Rounding up the list are Rahmania Astrini (Indonesia), Chillies (Vietnam), PAAM (Thailand) and Quest (Philippines).

Produced by MZMC and sponsored by Gangnam-gu of Seoul, Korea, “Me Me We” is described as a special song to cheer up those who are impacted by COVID-19.

Judging by fans’ comments on the music video, everybody is positively brightened up by the song and happy to see the multi-nation artistes working together. If you haven’t seen it, check out the MV below!

(Photo source: Aizat Amdan’s Instagram)
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