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Southeast Asia’s largest Starbucks comes with a life-sized coffee farm

In our previous article about Starbucks, we talked about Shanghai being home of the world’s biggest Starbucks store. Now we bring you the largest Starbucks in Southeast Asia, which comes with a life-sized coffee farm!

The new Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary is located on Sunset Road in Seminyak. According to The Jakarta Post, the store is built on over 2,000 square meters of land and boasts a laid-back layout.

Swinging seats on the patio along with some plush couches in a library-themed room will make the store’s patrons feel cozy and right at home in this 20,000sq ft Starbucks.

Its spacious building’s floor to ceiling windows looks out on to a micro-plot of Arabica coffee trees measuring 1000sq m.

A coffee farm with a wall mural at Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary
(Photo source: CNN).
A view of the largest Starbucks in Southeast Asia with its swinging seats and floor to ceiling windows
(Photo source: CNN). 
Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, who officially opened the store on 12 January, said that the company sourced Arabica coffee from Indonesia. It is only fitting that this new location pays tribute to that fact with the coffee farm, where customers get to experience the coffee-making process from seed to cup.

"We started sourcing coffee here in Indonesia in 1971 when we opened, and today we are the largest buyer of Arabica coffee in Indonesia. Now that coffee is served in over 29,000 Starbucks stores, across 78 markets around the world," Johnson added.

(Photo source: JP/Liza Yosephine)


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