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This is grEAT! Malaysia’s first fully automated restaurant

13 Mar – Check out grEAT, Malaysia’s first ever restaurant that runs under a computerised order and serve system located at One Utama Shopping Centre!

grEAT recently opened at the Lower Ground level of One Utama Shopping Centre, and is the first restaurant in the country to have an automatic order and serve system where customers don’t even have to talk to anyone to get their food!

The restaurant gathers orders through the WeChat mobile app with a scan of their QR Code. The ordered dishes will then be delivered inside vaults displayed outside of the restaurant and labelled with the ID of the customer – in order for the customer to identify and collect the food they ordered.

The vaults at the restaurant which will store the food you ordered.
The restaurant features dishes that are 100% meat free in the form of mostly hamburgers, but there are other dishes as well such as rich bowls and salads.

Touted as “The healthier fast food”, 20% of the dishes served contain ingredients such as eggs, onions, garlic and dairy products but they will be indicated in the menu for consumer precautions.

So what are you waiting for? Come and try out Malaysia’s first automated restaurant now.

 Founder, Tan Yong Jen (Right), and Chef Wan (Left) at grEAT.
(Photo Source: grEAT’s Facebook page)

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