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AirAsia launches Malaysia's first facial recognition for self check-ins

A photo op during the lauch of FACES. (Photo source: AirAsia's Twitter)
AirAsia has launched the first facial recognition for self check-ins in Malaysia called Fast Airport Clearance Experience System, cheekily abbreviated to FACES.

FACES is the latest effort from AirAsia for their customers to have an easy airport experience due to the fact that it does not require a single physical document, except for the faces of passengers as it scans their features in order for them to board their chosen flight.

According to Malay Mail Online, passengers who wish to use FACES, need to enrol once at a check-in kiosk area which will require them to place their MyKad or a working chip-enabled passport in the document reader provided and look at the camera until their personal biometric token is created.

After enrolling, passengers may start using AirAsia's biometric gates for any flights as long as their identity document is still valid and is not expired.

FACES is here to give you a seamless airport experience. (Photo souce: AirAsia's Facebook)
AirAsia's co-founder and group CEO, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, said that FACES was not only built to enhance airport operations which can often be so stressful, but also to speed up the security and screening processes which can sometimes take a lot of time.

As of now, FACES is only available at Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru.
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