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Malaysians can now get Jay Chou’s fashion pieces at PHANTACi

Shoppers, get your cash, credit cards and shopping bags ready, as PHANTACi, the premier fashion label founded by Asia pop icon Jay Chou, has finally arrived in Malaysia!

Located in East Malaysia at Imago Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, the store has given those who live in Peninsular Malaysia – as well as around the region – more reasons to visit the Land Below the Wind.

First introduced in Taiwan in 2006, Malaysia is the third overseas outlet of the fashion store; the first two are located in Beijing and Singapore.

PHANTACi has also collaborated with many famous brands including Nike, Puma, Casio, New Balance, Stussy, G-Shock, and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), to produce a variety of really cool products and merchandise.

Since the shop belongs to Mandapop king Jay Chou, you should know that the prices of his products wouldn’t exactly be cheap. Even a simple cap cost RM205!

But hey, at least you get to look as cool as Jay Chou! Amirite *wink wink*?

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