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YG Family releases the first BIGBANG action figure

YG Entertainment, also known as YG Family – has just released the first action figure of BIGBANG’s toy line, and that member is none other than the charismatic leader, G-Dragon a.k.a. GD.

The 12-inch action figure is realistic in its every detail, from the outfit, to the hair and facial expression.

The action figure is seen sporting one of GD’s iconic look, which is from BIGBANG’s recent “Bang Bang Bang” music video, wearing a thick black fur coat with flaming red hair.

The action figure comes in various accessories like mics, mic stand, and bangles.

The figure is currently available for pre-order at ygeshop.com for KRW350,000 (USD315).

Figurines for the rest of the BIGBANG members will also be released soon, and each of them will also don outfits from the “Bang Bang” music video.

Check em’ out!

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