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Namewee, David Arumugam and Aniq sing patriotic song for 60th Merdeka

Do you guys still remember the patriotic “Negaraku” song that Malaysian star Namewee released 10 years ago which had gotten him into a whole lot of trouble?

Who’d forget right? Well now, the talented controversial singer has released a brand new patriotic song in conjunction with this year’s 60th Malaysian Independence Day, and we’re sure that this song will definitely not get him into trouble – at least, we hope not!

Since Malaysia is a multi-racial country dominated by three major ethnicities – Malay, Chinese and Indian (followed by other races like Punjabi, Iban, Kadazan, and all the other sub-races in East Malaysia) – it is important for the song to feature the three representatives from each race, and needless to say, Namewee represents the Chinese community, while Dato David Arumugam from the legendary band Alleycats, as well as winner of “Ceria Popstar 2016”, Aniq represents the Indian and Malay communities respectively.

So not only does the song features racial diversity in the form of these artistes, but all of them are also from three different age groups.

Titled as “Ali, Ah Kao dan Muthu” (yes, very typical names of the three races), the song which was sung in Bahasa Malaysia – though a very baku (formal) kind of Malay – is about three friends of different races who grew up together and went through hardships together, but still remain as friends even after 60 years.

Check out the music video!

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