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McDonald’s Malaysia posters for their new burger have got the Korean fever!

After recently introducing its brand new Spicy Korean Burger, McDonald’s Malaysia has revealed three of their cheekiest posters yet!

The posters which are to promote the new delicious burger, parody some of the top K-dramas that everybody love, giving them some tasty title twists!

See if you know what Korean dramas these posters refer to.

(Photo sources: KimchiStories' Facebook)

Unless you’re not a huge K-pop fan, or you have been living under a rock all this time, you would easily know which drama the posters parodies.

But to make your life easier, the dramas are actually, “Boys over Flowers”, “Descendants of the Sun”, and “My Love from the Star”.

So what do you think about the posters? Do you think McDonald’s did a good job with the parody?

(Main photo source: Roro Sandra's Facebook)
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