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A new burger from McD and from these fast food chains you have to try!

McDonald’s Malaysia will be introducing an all-new Spicy Korean Burger for a limited time, starting from tomorrow onwards, 25 July 2017.

Available at all McDonald’s outlet in Malaysia, the burger is introduced in conjunction with the fast food chain’s “Discover the World” campaign, and is only the first of three offerings this year.

The Spicy Korean Burger is made up of hot kimchi seasoned beef/chicken patty, topped with spicy Gochujang (Korean pepper sauce), featuring cheese, grilled onions, and fresh mixed vegetables, all sandwiched between two charcoal buns.

The burger is priced at RM15.99 which comes together with crisscut fries and a Frozen Fanta drink, meanwhile the ala-carte price is set at RM12.99.

(Photo source: malaysiafreebies.com)

While we’re sure that many are excited over the new offering, but McDonald’s Malaysia is not the only fast food chain introducing a new burger in these past few weeks.

Check out these other new unique burgers recently introduced by burger chains!

McDonald’s Singapore - Nasi Lemak Burger

In conjunction with Singapore’s National Day, the fast food chain have launched a locally inspired burger featuring a thick coconut-flavoured fried chicken thigh patty, fried egg, caramelised onions and cucumber slices topped with sambal sauce served between semolina buns.

myBurgerLab Malaysia - Nasi Lemak Burger

Malaysia’s answer to Singapore’s Nasi Lemak Burger is set to be launched on Malaysia’s Independence Day, 31 August 2017. The burger will have Rendang sauce for the coconut flavour, featuring peanut butter to represent the peanuts in nasi lemak, some pickled Japanese cucumber, a dusting of Bonito flakes onto the fried chicken patty to mimic the anchovies flavour, a coat of sambal sauce and a runny fried egg to complete the burger.

myBurgerLab Malaysia - Donut Burger

Also introduced quite recently is myBurgerLab’s new donut themed breakfast burger called The Seattle. Inspired by one of the co-founders of the restaurant during his trip to Seattle many years back, the burger features a runny sunny side-up egg with spiked coffee mayo sauce and Bonito flakes sandwiched between two freshly baked sugary donut buns.

KFC Malaysia - Zinger Double Down

First introduced in Malaysia in 2012, the all-meat-no-bun limited burger is back once again to satiate the carnivores in Malaysia! The newly improved Zinger Double Down burger swapped out the buns with two Zinger fillets with chicken strips, bacon and cheese slice in between.

A&W Malaysia - Bulgogi Burger

Way ahead of McDonald’s, A&W has also recently introduced a new Korean-themed burger called the Bulgogi Burger. With Bulgogi sauce (Korean BBQ sauce) spread on the patty, the new burger also has generous layers of onions, cabbage, cheese and mayo, served between sesame buns.

Carl's Jr Singapore - Super Mushroom Burger 

Singapore’s branch of Carl’s Jr has also launched a brand new burger called the Super Mushroom Burger! The burger is made of chargrilled beef, with a couple of golden crispy mushrooms, sautéed Portobello mushroom sauce, Swiss cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise sauce, all  sandwiched between a sesame seeded bun.

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