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This lady is dubbed as the Asian Wonder Woman

Since the release of the latest superhero movie, “Wonder Woman” which is arguably DC Comics’ most successful film up to date, the internet just doesn’t seem to get tired of the female superhero.

Many people has already started to dress up as the iconic warrior princess, and we're pretty sure that Wonder Woman will be the most famous Halloween costume this year.

Recently, photos of a female cosplayer of Wonder Woman have been going viral on the internet with many people dubbing the cosplayer as the Asian Wonder Woman.

The cosplayer is apparently Thai model and social media sensation Pichyada Chatkamjaroen.

In a recent series of photos taken by Fotayen, Pichyada dressed herself in Wonder Woman’s battle gear, and her photos have been receiving praises from fans for her charming charisma and the extensive details of her outfit.

Check out her photos below!

(Photo sources: fb.com/jojofotayen, sent by fans)


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