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Chatime is now rebranded as Tealive

Previously we have reported that former bubbletea brand Chatime Malaysia, has been renamed as "Tea is Our Life", but today we found out that the official name of the brand will be "Tealive".

After much dispute that's been going on since last month, Loob Holding CEO Bryan Loo finally bounces back and is ready to move on with his new bubbletea brand.

"We wanted a new name that not only would appeal to Malaysians, but across the other regions and the whole world. So we felt like we had to find a very good name; and it had to be different from Chatime," Loo told Malaysia Tatler.

"We started with over 300 names and over three days, we shortlisted it down to 30 names and then the last one. In the end, we wanted a name that was simple and easy to digest no matter who you are," he continued.

According to Loo, the mission of Tealive will be different from Chatime as they want to be "the brand that protects the weak and isn’t afraid of the strong; but also the brand that embraces changes."

In conjunction with its launch, which took place today, Tealive will be offering a Buy-1-Free 1 promotion for any drink, starting from tomorrow 18 February onwards.

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