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Aragan Yokocho, largest Japanese restaurant opens in Malaysia

A new Japanese restaurant will soon open its doors for Malaysians this coming March, and it is unlike any other that you have ever seen (and eaten at).

Touted as the first and largest authentic Japanese restaurant in Asia with 18,848 sq ft, Aragan Yokocho has a Japanese Boutique Cuisine theme with the four seasons’ concept and ten service restaurants under one roof.

The sushi counter where the sushi is freshly served.

The sake counter for Japanese wine lovers.

The siting area from one of the four seasons.

This first-of-its kind restaurant is like a food court meets street food concept with traditional Japan ambience, inspired by the late Showa era or early Heisei era of the 80s, and the name “Aragan” is taken from the Aragan Group of Japan while “Yokocho” simply means “small street”.

The restaurant is also the sister company of Japanese gift shop, Hinode which is also under the Aragan Group.

What’s unique about this place is that the seating areas are separated into their own themes following the four seasons’; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

It also has 10 authentic Japanese food stations for customers to choose from.

The Autumn area.

The Winter area.

There are also private booths.

Featuring more than 200 types of pork-free Japanese food, all of the dishes are priced reasonably, ranging from RM15 to RM40, and each of them comes in very generous portions as well.

Even though the place is arranged in a food court-like manner, customers do not have to go to each station to order their food, as each of the tables in the restaurant will be provided with a tablet for an easy ordering process, similar to Sakae Sushi.

Some of the Japanese food stations in the restaurant.

Customers can order food and drinks from the tablet.

Also, if your food happens to arrive late, customers can request for a free dessert for compensation.

There is also a station for customers to try out the traditional Yukata and take pictures for keepsakes.

Female yukatas.

Male yukatas.

The restaurant recently had its soft opening on 13 February and will be officially open on 1 March 2017 at Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from Quill City Mall, the restaurant plans to open a second outlet in Sunway Velocity Mall on either May or June this year, and then Singapore next year.

TheHive.Asia was invited to sample some of the restaurant’s dishes and we have to say that we’re really satisfied with the food served, especially the Syouyu Hiyashi Chuka (cold ramen with soy sauce) which we recommend the most!

There's a typo there, the food is actually called Nigiri Moriawase from Sushi Kuniyoshi food stall, and the food is a platter of seven nigiri sushi. 

"Kamameshi" literally means "kettle rice", sort of like the Japanese version of claypot rice, while "kaki" means Oyster. The food is from the Komeichi stall.

From Hodori food stall, Tai Kamayaki which is grilled salmon head is one of the restaurant's specialty dishes. 
A platter of prawn, scallop, green perilla leaves, okra (ladies' finger), and long eggplant fried in tempura style. The food is from the Hifumi stall.

Chikin Nanban is from the Kushi Hakkei stall, and it is basically chicken thigh with tartar sauce. 

From Haikara stall, a sukiyaki (hot pot) of chicken, vegetable, mushroom, tofu, and fresh egg from Japan.

Chicken with beansprouts and golden mushroom served with teriyaki sauce, from the Peko-Peko stall.

Cold ramen with soy sauce from Noodle 365, and our favourite one yet!

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