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[Photos] All the bizarre national costumes at Miss Universe 2016

The national costume segment of Miss Universe seems more like a Rio Carnival than a pageant parade, and every year, the costumes by each nation started to become more and more bizarre!

This is so the contestants would leave a big impression on the judges as well as the audience - regardless if it’s for good or bad reasons - as it will somehow make them more memorable.

This year, we see various countries trying to outdo each other with their very best national costumes. Some may go over the top, some may be very subtle, but they’re all fun to watch!

Check out the beauty contestants and their national costumes below!

Angola, Argentina, Aruba

Australia, Austria, Bahamas

Belize, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia

Cayman Islands, Chile, China

Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland

Dominican Republic, Great Britain, Indonesia, Korea

France, Germany, Guyana

Haiti, India

Hungary, Iceland, Italy

Jamaica, Malaysia, Mauritius

Japan, Myanmar

Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Philippines

Nigeria, Norway, Peru

Romania, Singapore, South Africa

Portugal, Spain

Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tanzania

Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela

Ukraine, USA, Vietnam, Virgin Islands

(Photo sources: news.com.au, dailymail.co.uk, thesun.co.uk)
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