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New Pokémon to be introduced in Pokémon GO?

Augmented reality and location based game Pokémon Go has announced an exciting update for its fans.

Niantic, the company responsible for the game just recently unveiled that on 12 December 2016, new Pokémon will be added into the game.

Some rumours are suggesting that it could be the unreleased Generation One Pokémon such as the legendary birds Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres, as well as Mew and Mew Two.

But some also hinted that it could also be an all new Pokémon from Generation Two that are inspired from the “Pokémon Gold and Silver” game.

Possible 2nd Gen Pokemon that might be included in the new update (Photo Source: PokemonGO Hub)

Being tight-lipped over the details of the new Pokémon and leaving it to the fans to speculate, Niantic release a statement on their official site, saying:-

“While we cannot share all the details yet, keep an eye out on our social media channels on December 12th for details about the first addition of more Pokémon into Pokémon GO.”

Pokemon Go, doubted as the most popular mobile game ever made, faced tough challenges to revive its popularity since the number of players dropped significantly.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Pokemon Go’s daily active users, downloads, engagement, and time spent on the app per day are all well off their peaks and on a downward trend.

R.I.P Pokemon Go ? 

Adding on, the recent update of speed cap to spin Pokéstop and limit on items gained from Pokéstops seems to be adding to the decline.

But with this exciting new update, the company would look to boost the engagement back and try to bring the game back to its prime.

Pokemon Go is a location based augmented reality game that requires players to use real life location to catch Pokémon and either train or battle them in virtual gyms.

The game was such a huge hit when it was released that the Guinness Book of World Records awarded the game for being the fastest mobile phone game ever to gross USD100 million in revenue in a mere 20 days.

(Photo Source: YouTube/Amayzinone)
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