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Malaysian proposes to girlfriend on stage at Coldplay concert!

One lucky Malaysian Coldplay fan got more than what he bargained for when Chris Martin, the lead singer of the U.K. band invited him and his girlfriend up on stage for a proposal of a lifetime in Melbourne.

Initially planning to propose to his girlfriend during the concert, Faez Muhammad Taib was quick to proceed to the stage when Martin offered the stage to anyone who wished to use it as an opportunity to celebrate a special occasion.

Martin proceeded to welcome the couple and ‘borrowed’ the stage to Faez who proposed to his girlfriend, known only as Annuura, who of course accepted the proposal (who wouldn’t?).

The Instagram video with more than 50 thousand views has gone viral on social media platforms and it has been receiving mixed responses from netizens.

Well, living in an ardent Coldplay fan base area where 100 thousand tickets are sold within days, it is understandable that the masses envy these lucky couples.

Annuura took to twitter to exclaim her feelings where she posted: - 
Faez also tweeted on the luckiest day of his lif-

But this would not be the first time that such a thing went viral as in 2011, Mohamad Khaidzir Aljunid surprised his would-be fiancée with a ring when Bruno Mars performed “Marry You”.

Now, who still thinks happy endings are only in fairy tales?

(Photo and video source: Faez_Taib instagram)
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