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Is Lee Min Ho coming to Malaysia again?

"Boys over Flowers” fame, Lee Min Ho is set to return to Malaysia again after just recently gracing our shores back in
March for a Korean store opening in Malaysia.

Now, the actor is rumoured to make an appearance on 5
January 2017, in conjunction with the launch of a brand new smartphone from OPPO, The OPPO R9s.

Why and how you ask? Well, recently,
OPPO released a poster that teases their new international ambassador for their latest smartphone.

The poster featuring a male artist looking sideways can be hard to guess for mainstream fans but for diehards, its easy pickings.

In addition to that, the wordings in the poster also tease a star with Lee in his surname as the poster reads ’Final-Lee’ instead of ‘finally’.

Not to mention, OPPO has already released a teaser video which serves as a clue to who the mysterious ambassador is.

Even though the video doesn’t reveal the full face of the actor, it is already quite obvious!
So, that confirms the man behind the poster but as to whether he will be making an appearance or not is still a question that needs an answer.

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