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Youngest Malaysian to earn ‘Datuk’ title

A certain teenager has become an internet sensation after reportedly earning the honorary title ‘Datuk’ at the age of nineteen.

During the weekend, an image of a young man in ceremonial attire has been going viral on social media with the caption “Youngest Dato in Malaysia…19 years”.

Of course, netizens have been reacting very negatively towards the news, questioning the identity of the person and what he has done for the country to deserve the title.

The source of original photo is not known, but it was first forwarded by a user called Citizens Nades R.

According to some netizens’ comments, the man in the image is known as Alvin Gor, real name Alvin Lim, and he’s not actually 19, but 24 years old.

(Photo source:  SAY NO to MLM's Facebook)

Some comments also stated that he’s actually a forex trader who works in a company called IBS Global.

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